What is veneer ?

Veneer is very thin wood, cut from the trunk. Veneer is much cheaper than solid wood. Veneer is cut or peeled into very thin layers, the trunk is almost entirely used with very few excess parts are left off. Veneer allows to cover a much larger area than solid wood.

Veneer layers are glued on a core board. These boards can be used in various applications such as doors, furniture, tables and chairs … or even for wooden floors. The veneer performance is not impressive by hardwoods, but it is more accessible and more environmentally friendly.

Veneer is a technique that is more than thousand years old. In ancient Egypt, veneer was used to make furniture, while in Renaissance, veneer was used on expensive decorative items. The great discoveries brought new and rare veneer to Europe but only for nobility and other prominent people. People who call on furniture manufacturers have put wood processing up to the top.

During the manufacturing process, Moc Chat ensures many details are considered. The interaction between people and machines ensures optimal quality. Automation supports human skills. This creates a unique synergy between people, wood and machines. The result: optimal quality raw veneer that respects the beauty and properties of wood.

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